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Permanent Contract Carriage

For Contract Carriage Permit, the Vehicle Class should be Omni Bus, Motor Cab, Luxury Cab, Maxi Cab, Auto Rickshaw, and School Bus

  • Choose web site (
  • Online service
  • Vehicle related services
  • Select State Odisha
  • Put vehicle no********
  • Click on Proceed Button
  • Click on “Other Services”
  • Select “Apply for Permit”
  • Enter vehicle no
  • Enter last 5 digit of chassis no
  • Click on Proceed Button
  • OTP will be received in Mobile
  • Enter the OTP
  • Click on Proceed Button
  • Before applying for Permit, Insurance Tax, Fitness should be updated on the date of Application.
  • Click on “Apply for New Permit” icon
  • Click on “Permit Details” tab
  • Select Permit Type “Contract Carriage Permit/All India Tourist Permit/Private Service Vehicle Permit”
  • Select Permit Category (As per Vehicle Class)
  • Enter Area Details (All India/All Odisha)
  • Enter Parking Place and Purpose of Journey
  • Click on Submit Details
  • Application Number will be generated and Click on Verify Now
  • Make Permit Fee Online Clicking on “Pay Now” and download Payment Receipt
  • The permit copy will be auto approved.
  • In the web page of Generated Receipt.A link is given to print the Permit (Part A and Part B) (Click here to print Permit).

Visit Govt. Driving Training School Bhubaneswar on the booked slot Date and Time for Verification and Approval.