It is one of the main revenue earning departments of the Govt. of Odisha. MV tax and fees are the main sources of earning along with learners' fees, fancy numbers, auction sales, e-challan and trade certificates.

The office of STA receives the budgetary allowances from Government of Odisha in C&T(T) Department. Since 2020, the Pay DA, HRA, MEW are met from global allotment.

Different budgetary provisions are there for modernization and road safety activities, which are given below.

Budget Details of Office of Transport Commissioner:

Allotments are received under both SSS (State Sector Scheme) and EOM (Establishment Operation and Maintenance) in the annual Budget of each financial year for the office of Transport Commissioner and its subordinate offices. In case of shortage, demands are also been placed in the Supplementary Budget each year basing on the progressive expenditure and further requirement under different heads of account. Budget is received as per the demand placed by the Office of the Transport Commissioner, Odisha as per the actual requirement of fund basing on the man power cost i.e salary and office expenditure i.e Non-salary. The proposal is submitted to Administrative Department i.e C&T (T) Department and they, after careful scrutiny send the proposal to Finance Department.

The EOM proposal is discussed in the Finance Department where as the SSS proposal is taken up by the P&C Department. Both the Departments after careful constitution send the ceiling to the Administrative Department which is further allotted to the controlling officer i.e office of the Transport Commissioner.

After receiving the allotment from the Administrative Department the allotment are distribute to field offices under Non-salary unit i.e MV, Electricity, Water, Telephone, OC etc. as per the requirement. Besides the salary units are drawn centrally by submission of bills to respective Treasuries by the concerned DDOs. The DDOs are also directed to make expenditure following the latest guidelines of Finance Department.

Office of the Transport Commissioner, receive allotment in 5 major head under EOM and the details are as follows:-

  • Enforcement Establishment - For the salary and non-salary requirement of Enforcement Staff working under Transport Department.
  • TC & STA - For the salary and non-salary requirement of office of the Transport Commissioner and DCT offices.
  • RTA Establishment - For the salary and non-salary requirement of RTO Offices.
  • MV Technical - For the salary and non-salary requirement of MV Technical officers of Transport Department.
  • Social Security & Welfare - for the salary and non-salary requirement of office of the Principal Driving Training School, Bhubaneswar.

Allotments are placed to the field offices as per their requirement in different major heads and make expenditure by submission of bills to Treasury. Besides the expenditure status are also monitored in the monthly RTO conferences.

After the end of each month the progressive expenditure figure is send to Administrative Department and reconciliation of A.G figure and Treasury figure of expenditure is done by the Controlling Officer and the same is also reported to the Administrative Department. The Surrender statement is also prepared after the end of each Financial Year and the same is also intimated to the Administrative Department in stipulated time.

Besides under SSS allotments are received under 4 major heads and the details are as follows:-

  • Enforcement Establishment- LMV & HMV Training of drivers, Fresh trainers and refresher training for trainers of HMV Drivers. For purchase of Road Safety equipments and training of Transport Department Officials etc.
  • TC & STA - Modernization of STA and RTO offices, Construction of ADTS, I&C Centers etc.
  • Grant-In-Aid to Odisha Road Safety Society, 20% of the Enforcement collection is received each year as the grant-in-aid to Odisha Road Safety Society and utilized for the Road Safety purpose of entire State. This is a non-lapsable fund.
  • Solatium fund for hit & run case - an amount is received each year under this head for payment of compensation to the victims of hit & run case. In case of death the compensation amount is Rs. 2,00,000/- and in case of grievous injuries the amount is Rs. 50,000/-. This is sanctioned by Transport Commissioner after receiving proposal in proper format from the RTOs. This is also a non-lapsable fund.

All this Budget preparation and expenditure are being made by strictly following the latest guidelines of Finance Department.