Road traffic transport plays a pivotal role in a state’s mobility and economic condition. Without a road transport system, everyday life is unimaginable, while transport on waterways can be a supplementary system to the main road transport provision.

With time the number of vehicles, both passenger and goods carriers increase. The Transport Department envisages to make the system available to the common citizen with utmost efficiency. Safety of life and resources is the prime objective.


RTAs in all districts regulate efficient management of vehicles (passenger and freight) on road in terms of safety enforcement and efficient transaction. Cutting edge technology is used to ensure all transport related services to all stakeholders and public. DL,LL, transfer of ownership, fitness renewal, payment of tax, off-road application permits, etc, through online mode has been achieved. Hence, effective footfall is reduced at any of the regional offices. Efficient revenue management, i.e., tax fees collection, is also made online. Enforcement and penalty collection is made faceless by use of CCTV cameras and messaging the offenders via SMS.

The Government and Commerce and Transport Department has a mission to consolidate the transport cadre by framing different cadre rules of transport engineers, transport enforcement and transport assistants.

With increasing number of vehicles, computerization of all data and services is taken up to ensure efficient management of road safety issues, revenue collection and rendering online services to stakeholders.

We at STA and RTAs are determined to realize the mission of safe and modern transport system through high-end technological intervention, discerned and skilled manpower and to make the transport system a world class transport system available to the citizens with efficient technology in place.

Goals:  To provide an efficient, Safe and Modern Transport Environment for people.

  • GIS Mapping
  • Installation CCTV camera in Public Transportation
  • Inspection and Certification Center
  • Automated Driving Testing System
  • Road Safety
  • Permit Issue Management System
  • Vehicular Pollution
  • Direct accessibility of public: The department aims at facilitating direct accessibility of public to RTOs for services relating to DL, registration and re-registration of vehicles, transfer of vehicles eliminating  any agent and intermediary.
  • Road Safety: There is a target to reduce the Road Accident fatality by 20% by 2020. In order to achieve this target a number of education, engineering, enforcement and emergency care activities has been taken up. A special cell of road safety headed by an officer in the rank of Joint Commissioner Transport (OTES) is functioning under the direct supervision of the Transport Commissioner of Odisha.
  • Construction of RTO Office buildings: State of the art RTO Offices with cutting edge technology are constructed in newly created RTO offices:
  1. Kendrapara
  2. Jajpur
  3. Jagatsingpur
  4. Nuapada

New buildings are constructed in:

  1.  Talcher
  2.  Bhubaneswar II
  3.  Additional RTO office Barbil
  4.  Asst. RTO office Khordha

A new model building is constructed at Chandikhole. Similar buildings constructions will be done at RTO Sundergarh and Phulbani.