Road transport is the lifeline of a state. From commencement of STA, till date there have been numerous introductions and changes of rules and instructions in MV Act. The aim is to give the populace of the state a state of the art transport system which will be accessible to them immediately and without any intermediary.

From a handful of vehicles in the state towards the end of the last century and a teeming numbers of vehicles at present, their regulation and service delivery is an arduous task. Keeping that in view all services delivered by RTOs and STA are computerized and are available online. This leads to little footfall at our offices and results in hassel-free, quick availability of services, which includes learning license, driving license, registration of vehicles, change of ownership, route permits, permits for cargo and transport vehicles, etc.

With increasing road traffic, road safety is the prime focus of services of RTOs and STA. A dedicated wing of road safety is functioning in STA which is an integrated organ having road safety engineers, a medical officer, a block education officer with Joint Commissioner Transport Road Safety. The road safety engineer scrutinizes roads for black spots under the aegis of senior officers of transport to make the roads safer for traffic. The Medical Officer of road safety coordinates with the district heads for quicker assistance to road traffic accident victims. The Education Officer coordinates the safe traffic education at grassroot level.

Good samaritans are encouraged with cash incentives and recognition. A person injured and the next of kins of the dead in an accident caused by an unknown vehicle are given assistance from solatium funds.

All the exercise, legal, technical has the aim to reduce road accidents and related injuries and fatalities. Wishing to take the road transport system to a new height in technology to render road transport safe and effective.