Road Traffic accidents are among the top five causes of morbidity and mortality in the Southeast Asian Countries. Road traffic Accidents in India are emerging as the major cause of death and injury with subsequent disability and burden on economy and strength on the economy. It is fact that Road Traffic accidents are one of the major cause of death and illness which is preventable. The rise in the Road traffic Accident are due to increase in vehicular volume on our roads, incredible speeding of the vehicles, poor driving skills, drunken driving, bad roads, poor traffic controls and lack of public awareness, rampant indiscipline.

So Road Safety plays a very crucial role in all round development of the Country / State. Road safety refers to the methods and measures used to prevent road users from being killed or seriously injured. Road users include both drivers as well as pedestrians and cyclists (the so-called ‘vulnerable road users’). Their behavior of the road users is the area with by far the biggest potential for improving road safety. Indeed, 90% of all road accidents today are linked to human error.