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The Government in Commerce & Transport Department in their notification no. No.7680–LC-TR-33/2015/T, dated 01/12/2015 had amended the rule 14 of OMV Rule, 1993. The government in this notification have directed to reserve the fancy number through online auction and also directed to provide online system for booking of other general number. The Transport Commissioner have been delegated with power for grouping of Fancy Number (Rule 14, sub-rule 3), modalities for auction of such fancy number and online booking of other general number in accordance to sub rule 3 & 4 of Rule 14 of OMV Rule,1993.

As per the amended provision of rule 14 of OMV Rules, 1993, the registration numbers are divided into two categories:

  1. “Notified Fancy Numbers” and (2) “Other than Notified Numbers”.

The registration numbers in the notified fancy category will be allotted to any person through online auction only on payment of fee prescribed under Rule 14 (3) of OMV Rules, 1993.

The registration numbers, other than the notified numbers, are to be allotted in serial order on first come first serve basis. However, any person can reserve / book any registration number, other than notified fancy numbers, through  online on payment of rupees five  thousand for two wheeler and rupees ten thousand for vehicle other than two wheelers in accordance with sub-rule (4) of rule 14 of OMV Rules, 1993. The number intended to be reserved must be within the range of ten thousand from the last number assigned in serial order on the date of application and payment of fee online.

List of Numbers with the base price for auction are as under
Group Registration Number Base Price
I 0001, 0009 Rs.1,00,000/-
II 0002,0003,0004,0005,0006,0007,0008, 0011, 0786, 1111, 1234,7777,9999 Rs.60,000/-
III 1000, 2222, 3333, 4444, 5000, 5555,6666, 7000, 8055, 8888, 9000 Rs.40,000/-
IV 0010, 0012, 0022, 0033, 0055,0066,0070, 0077, 0090, 0099, 0100,0101,0111,0123, 0222, 0333, 0555,0707,0777, 0909, 0999, 1001, 2000,2020,3000, 4000, 5050, 6000, 7007,7700,8000, 8008, 9009, 9090, 9900 Rs.10,000 fortwo wheeler and 20,000/- for other vehicles.

The person intending to participate in online auction shall have to register his/her name during bid registration period. During the process of bid registration, he/she will be allotted a user id and password. The same user id and password shall be used by the bidder till the bidding process is completed.

Open and click on Fancy Registration Number under Online Services.

Any intending person can reserve the un-notified registration numbers on payment of requisite fee as prescribed under Sub-rule (4) of Rule-14 of

O.M.V. Rules, 1993 through online, if available, following due procedure subject to production of vehicle within thirty days from the date of reservation and payment of fee.