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Important Services


Initiatives implemented by Transport Department :

(i) Background of the Initiative :


Various citizen centric services initiated by Transport Department to improve the quality of service delivery to the citizens and the quality of work of the Regional Transport Offices to meet the aspirations of general public in real time basis and to streamline the work with transparency in a corruption and middleman free environment.

(ii) Purpose and Priority of the Initiative :

Ensure transparency in the day-to-day management and administration,
• Improve the skill management for the department personnel,
• Record keeping in digital form and easy & prompt retrieval of information,
• Accountability and user friendly,
• Create public awareness for road safety, traffic rules and regulations
• Scope for online public grievance redressal
• Enhance the scope of optimum resource mobilization in road transport sector,
• Minimize the visit of general public to Regional Transport Offices and State Transport Authority,
• Prevent role of middleman and corruption,
• Provide user friendly transport administration in the State,
• Protect the public interest by making their mobility safe and comfortable on road,
• Time bound service delivery to the citizens – highest number of services provided under Odisha Right to Public Service Act 2012.
• Helps other departments like Police, Road Engineering, Health, Education in providing related information for enforcement, Road engineering, Trauma care & road safety related activities &   creation of awareness,
• Easy access to the data by other States, UTs and Central Government
• Online Authorization for National Permit for goods vehicles

G2C (Govt. to Citizens) Services :

1. Online Registration of One Time Tax category Vehicles :

New vehicle registration process is now initiated from the Trade Certificate Holder’s (Dealer) point with online application in form-20 and payment of fee and road tax for registration. The online central application collects the requisite data for registration with fee and tax using Odisha Treasury Payment gateway. The data is replicated to the corresponding Regional Transport Offices for further registration process and assignment of registration numbers.

2. Online MV Tax Collection:

To involve citizens in the process of digitization, Collection of Road Tax for Vehicles made online. The facility is provided to vehicle owners to pay the road tax using internet banking of more than 40 banks and SBI debit card. This reduces visits of vehicle owners to the Regional Transport offices for payment of monthly/quarterly/ yearly tax for their vehicles.
Approx. 60% of the tax is collected through online process

3. Online Application for Learner License :

The Learner License application system has been made online. The Learner License applicant can apply from anywhere at any time without coming to Regional Transport office. His/her application data gets replicated to the concerned Regional Transport Office for further processing such as Learner License test and issuance of Learner License. Now 100% of Learner License applications are received in online process only.

4. Online Appointment for Learner License Test:

The Learner License applicants have to take an appointment for biometric and Learner License test prior to coming to Regional Transport office. The online appointment slot booking saves time, avoids long queues and minimizes visit to Regional Transport office.
? The test is available in 3 languages (English, Odiya and Hindi)
? Facility is available to provide application demo at the waiting hall
? Question bank is available in the departmental website to come prepare before test.

5. Online Application for intra/inter state Stage Carriage Permits and tracking of its status by applicant.

PIMS (Permit Issue Management System) has been developed to facilitate the bus operator for Stage Carriage Permit. Now the bus operators can apply for stage carriage permit from the comfort of their home/work place with route and timings of their choice as they can get informed about the vacancy of route and timing online.
The State Transport Authority/ Regional Transport Authority are considering the approval/rejection of permits online.
Online tracking of permit status, payment of permit fees and printing of digital copy are available in this integrated software.

6. Online application for Contract & Goods carriage permits & tracking of its status by applicant :

Contact Carriage Permit for Auto, Taxi, Cabs and Goods Carriage permits for goods vehicles were issued using the RTO centric application ‘Vahan’ which are now initiated ONLINE in 3 RTO offices. The vehicle owner can apply, pay online permit fee and search and print web generated copy of the permit. Similarly, the departmental users use the same application for online permit details and approval with printing of permit in security papers for issue to owners.

7. Online Authorization for National Permit for goods vehicles:

The application for authorization to the National Permit holders for goods vehicles is made online. The permit fee for National Permit Authorization is collected online. Manual process of depositing bank drafts has been stopped which reduced the visit of vehicle owner to State Transport Authority. This has also reduced the problems associated with collection and encashment of Bank drafts from different parts of the country.


9. Delivery of Driving License & Registration Certificates through speed post :

The system of giving Registration Certificate and Driving License documents by hand to the applicants has been stopped and postal delivery system has been introduced throughout the state. This has resulted
(i) Minimization of the visit of public to the Regional Transport Offices.
(ii) Suo-motu verification of the correctness of address of the applicant.
(iii) Elimination of role of middleman/corruption

10. State Register of Driving License & Registration Certificates

11. E-VCR (Vehicle Check Report) :

Checking of Vehicles and issuing challans to offenders has now been made easy with the online e-VCR application which enables the enforcement officer to get vehicle details and book offences. The vehicle data is fetched from the State Register of Vehicle Registration instantly which helps the enforcement officer as well as the offender to save time.
• The offences can easily be booked.
• The challan data is replicated to the respective Regional Transport .Office to block further transactions of the vehicle if the vehicle check report is not disposed off. E-VCR is issued through a tough

12. Computerized Learner License Test :

Earlier, Learner License applicants were tested verbally. The allegation of corruption, nepotism as well as wrong use of discretion was a common feature. The system has been completely modernized. The applicant is required to appear a user friendly computer based test, with instant result. This has done away the above allegations.
For the information/preparation for the test a question bank is available in departmental website, which is very informative and useful to the prospective applicants.

13. Inspection of Vehicles for Fitness Certificate with capturing of its photograph:

The Inspectors of Motor Vehicles are provided with a tablet to take photographs of the inspected vehicles at the time of inspection with recording of date and time. The result is integrated with ‘VAHAN’ for issue of Fitness Certificates. This has enhanced the quality of inspection, keeping evidence about the physical condition of the vehicle for future reference.The Inspectors of Motor Vehicles are provided with a tablet to take photographs of the inspected vehicles at the time of inspection with recording of date and time. The result is integrated with ‘VAHAN’ for issue of Fitness Certificates. This has enhanced the quality of inspection, keeping evidence about the physical condition of the vehicle for future reference.

14. State Register of Driving License & Registration Certificates for access of Transport Department Users:

• The State Register of Driving License & Registration Certificate contains all Registration records, tax, fitness, permit, challan, Driving License, Learner License etc.
• The State Register provides online viewing/searching of registration certificate, tax, fitness, permit, challan & licenses by the departmental officers, enforcement officers including Police and general public.

Road Safety initiatives :

• State Road Safety Council has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Minister, Commerce & Transport which monitors road safety activities at the state level.
• District road safety committees have been constituted in all Districts of the State which co-ordinates road safety activities at the district level.
• Road Safety Clubs have been formed in the highway side schools and colleges to create road safety awareness and post accident care.
• Odisha has a ‘State Road Safety Policy’ adopted in 2015.
• A Lead Agency on Road Safety has been formed to co-ordinate road safety activities with different departments. It is acting as the secretariat of the State Road Safety Council.
• Odisha Road Safety Society has been formed which monitors road safety activities.
• A First Aid Training Centre has been opened at Driving Test Centre, Bhubaneswar in association with St. John Ambulance.

Road Map ahead

GIS Mapping

• GIS Mapping of entire road network of the State with frequency of Bus services available thereon. This will enhance centralized monitoring of public transport system in the State as all the stage    carriages will be GPS enabled. This will monitor the adherence of route and permit timing by the stage carriages.
• It will help in increasing bus services to the remote areas of the State.

Installation of CCTV camera in Public Transport :

Installation of CCTV cameras in the stage carriages. This will enhance the safety of the passengers specially women passengers , violation of permit condition by taking excess passengers, good behavior of staff and passengers.

Inspection & Certification Center :

• An initiative by MoRTH, Government of India for an effective mechanized vehicle inspection system for improving roadworthiness of on road vehicle fleet in terms of road safety and emissions is being established at Arilo, Cuttack.
• The vehicles will be tested in an integrated mechanized lane for effective inspection.
• The vehicle physical conditions will be checked at a high precession rate for controlling and standardizing the vehicle condition in view of road safety & emissions.
• Human interference will be less.

Automated Driving Testing System :

In order to test driving skill Automated Driving Testing System are being implemented in 15 RTOs to ensure transparency while issuing DL. The track will have electronic sensors/ camera which will help in grading the driver’s skill and knowledge on driving. This will also record the movements of the vehicle driven and integrate to ‘Sarathi’ application.

Use of CSC :

In view of multiple online services and providing benefit to all users, proposal of use of 4000 Common Service Centres in the State is in advance stage.

ODC Online:

• The Over Dimension Cargo carrier operators of the state are provided with online applications for obtaining permission for movement of their cargoes in hassle free manner.
• This has been facilitated by MoRTH, GoI.

Mobile apps for bus service :

• An android based citizen centric user friendly mobile application for tracking Buses (Stage Carriages) in different rationalized routes.
• Passengers can find the details of buses available between different stations with the information on time of arrival & departure, stoppages, distance and fare.
• User friendly & easily accessible by any common man.
• Commuters can easily plan their travel plans with the application and also choose the buses as per their convenient time and route.